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[Editorial] The Son of the President again?

Posted February. 06, 2002 09:21,   


In succession with Kim Hong-Il, member of the NMDP and first son of President Kim Dae-Jung, Kim Hong-Up, vice president of Asia –Pacific Peace Foundation and the second son of the President, is being suspected of involvement in the `Lee Yong Ho Gate`.

Kim Sung-Hwan who is in close relation with Kim H.U. met Shin Seung-Nam, former Prosecutor General in order to request the investigation on Mr.Lee to be stopped.

Those who are connected to Kim H.U. are strongly denying this. The suspicion, however, remains.

Our editorial staff once stressed that they should be careful about their special status as sons of the President when Kim Hong-Il`s name was being mentioned frequently in connection to the `Lee Yong-Ho Gate` and `Jin Seung-Hyun Gate`.

We advised that various temptations might come to him, being the son of the President, and that he should take special care. It is the same with Kim H.U..

Although he denied any involvement, the people may think differently.

Moreover, Kim H.U.`s name used to be mentioned frequently in connection to the scandal gates in the same manner as his brother, Kim Hong-Il.

Choi Taek-Gon of the NMDP who delivered Mr. Jin Seung-Hyun`s money to Shin Kwak-Ok, ex-vice minister of Justice, met Kim H.U. in order to save him before being summoned to the Prosecution last year.

And Lee Chul-Sung, former managing director of one broadcast office, who invested in stocks with Mr. Lee, are known to have a close relationship with Kim H.U..

In addition, if the one who met with former Prosecutor General Shin put `pressure` in order to stop the investigation on Mr. Lee, he must have real influence in the current administration.

Of course, Prosecutor General Shin denied the accusations, saying that he did not receive any `pressure` because of his brother Shin Seung-Hwan, but it is true that he directed the investigation regarding his brother in the beginning.

Above all, the truth should be revealed whether the photocopy of Mr. Shin Seung-Hwan`s bankbook which was used to apply `pressure` exists or not, and how the instructions on the investigation of his brother were carried out so that the suspicion regarding Kim H.U. can be resolved.