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[Editorial] Is Lee Hyung-Taek Lying to Protect Higher Connection?

[Editorial] Is Lee Hyung-Taek Lying to Protect Higher Connection?

Posted February. 04, 2002 09:17,   


The lies of the people who are close to the power in terms of various Gates are really sick. They are repeating absurd lies, which are to be revealed in any minutes, to escape the facing criticisms at a moment, mocking the people.

Lee Ki-Ho, former senior secretary to the President for economy who introduced Lee Hyung-Taek to the National Intelligence Service for the treasure excavation project in the sea off Jin-do Island, denied the fact at first then later admitted it.

One more lie was revealed. According to the investigation of the Special Prosecutor Cha, Mr. Lee`s explanation that he "requested the deputy director of NIS for the verification of treasure-related information and had a return call from NIS that the information was groundless and informed it to Mr. Lee." turned out a lie.

SP learned that Mok-po office of NIS made a positive report to the deputy director of NIS at that time. Lee Yong-Ho jumped into the business after he read the NIS` report that admitted the high possibility of the treasure burial.

Hence, it is suspected that Mr. Lee lied to protect his higher connection to this scandal. It became a common knowledge that the core government organizations such as Cheong Wa Dae, NIS, ROK Navy, and the National Maritime Police, were involved in the treasure excavation project and therefore it was called `national project`. It seems that former senior secretary Lee who was in charge of economy could not be able to decide such a huge project.

Then Director General of NIS probably knew the fact and naturally the project must have been reported to the President. Therefore, the explanation of former senior secretary Lee that the possibility of the treasure burial was very narrow and closed the investigation is very suspicious.