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Intensified Conflicts on Reorganization of Political Structure

Intensified Conflicts on Reorganization of Political Structure

Posted February. 01, 2002 09:43,   


Supreme Council members Rhee In-Jae, Kim Keun-Tae, and former Supreme Council member Kwon Nho-Gap expressed as a chorus their objection to the discussions for the reorganization of the political system.

However, Rep. Chung Gyun-Hwan who had led the public discussion on the reorganization of the political structure is planning to raise the issue in the party`s executive meeting on the 6th, anticipating the expansion of the controversies in the ruling party.

Mr. Rhee In-Jae declared his objection through Rep. Chun Yong-Hak, the spokesperson of his campaign headquarters, saying, "The controversies around the reorganization of the political structure, which might ruin the spirit of the party`s political reform that is already in process and betray the people`s expectation, must be stopped."

However, Mr. Rhee commented that "I am convinced that the bipartisan system is most fit to the Presidential system for the secure operation of the national administration." but he did not object to the merger with the United Liberal Democrats and the People`s Democratic Party after the decision of the party`s Presidential candidate.

Mr. Kim Keun-Tae also defined the `3-party coalition theory` as `a damaging act to the party`. "Those who damage the party must leave the party or the party`s disciplinary board must expel them from the party." he stated strongly.

Mr. Kwon R.G. also expressed his objection at a press conference saying "When the NMDP fixes its timetable, the merger or reorganization of the political structure is practically impossible." The party`s leaders also concluded that "The most urgent issue for the party is to carry out the reform measures including establishing the Electoral College with Public Participation."

However, Rep. Chung Gyun-Hwan reiterated that "The political system that divides national opinion must be transformed into an integrated political terrain that can increase the national competitive edge. Now is the time to create the basis for discussing the reorganization of the national administrative framework and to discuss the issue publicly."

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