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“Supply-and-Demand Emergency in Science and Technology Manpower, Need for More Military Service Exceptions”

“Supply-and-Demand Emergency in Science and Technology Manpower, Need for More Military Service Exceptions”

Posted January. 31, 2002 09:50,   


There are rising concerns for Korea’s science and technology manpower, as its declining quality and quantity are damaging the nation’s international competitive edge.

Juvenile applications in science and engineering courses dropped from 1995’s 43 percent to 2002’s 27 percent, and corporations are suffering from the lack of good technology manpower. Certain observers point out that if no improvements are made, Korea will fall behind developing countries like China after 5 to 10 years.

Corporations, research institutes, universities, and government representatives attended the `Techno Forum 21`, which took place at Samsung-dong’s Trade Club, Seoul, on the 30th, and began to seek alternatives.

Hanyang University professor Lee Young-Moo (Applied Chemistry) released survey results explaining that the youth avoid science and engineering courses because △ the natural science field has more disadvantages than the humanities in standard-score conversion of college entrance exams △ they avoid difficult subjects like mathematics and sciences △ it is widely believed that `doing one thing well is enough` after the 1996’s education reform.

Reexamination of the whole 7th educational curriculum was suggested.

Attendants pointed out that "college quotas are decided by the student-professor ratio rather than according to the demand, and that is why supply and demand are not balanced." In order to harmonize the supply and demand, they suggested that the government and research institutes analyze prospects of different occupations, and apply the results in educational curriculums.

HSD Engine chairman Kim Kyun-Sup and Cheil Jedang Corporation deputy president Lee Jae-Kwan said, "Only venture corporations enjoy exemption from military service and actual production leaders like manufacturers and conglomerates are suffering from manpower crisis." and pointed out that the law for military service should be revised.