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Overall Reshuffling of the Cabinet Will Be Carried out in This Week

Overall Reshuffling of the Cabinet Will Be Carried out in This Week

Posted January. 28, 2002 09:30,   


President Kim Dae-Jung will perform an overall reshuffling of the Cabinet to sooth the anger of the people and to refresh the administrative atmosphere by the end of this week or early next week.

A high official of Cheong Wa Dae announced yesterday, "President Kim will complete the Cabinet reshuffling before the operational report to the President from each Ministry beginning on 4th (Monday) February."

President Kim is also considering to partially change the Cheong Wa Dae secretary team including the Chief Secretary to the President Lee Sang-Joo.

Lee Ki-Ho, the senior secretary to the President for economy who is suspected to be involved in the treasure ship excavation project, is anticipated to be dismissed.

A high official of the ruling party remarked that "President Kim will form a non political cabinet by recruiting experts and celebrities who are not politically oriented to clarify his intention to concentrate on the national administration and the meaning of his resignation from the party`s presidency."

Therefore, most Ministers from the political circle including Prime Minister Lee Han-Dong will be dismissed at this reshuffling.

The Ministers of the diplomacy and security team including Unification Minister Hong Soon-Young are likely to be changed and Han Wan-Sang, the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development, is also expected to be replaced.

However, the Ministers of the economic team including Jin Nyum, the Minister of Finance and Economy, are reportedly to remain in their seats.