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Lee Hyung-Taek’s behind-the-Scenes Aid, Chase after the Government Party’s Core Personnel

Lee Hyung-Taek’s behind-the-Scenes Aid, Chase after the Government Party’s Core Personnel

Posted January. 26, 2002 10:37,   


January 25. Cha Jung-Il of the Special Prosecution (SP) team confirmed the involvement of National Intelligence Service (NIS) and naval chief executives in the treasure excavation business which was led by former Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation managing director Lee Hyung-Taek, nephew of president Kim Dae-Jung’s wife. SP is focusing on finding Lee’s behind the scene supporter.

SP discovered that NIS National Defense aide (major general) requested naval Chief of the Joint Security Staff Lee Yong-Soo to provide equipments and manpower for the treasure excavation under the instruction of the NIS 2nd deputy chief Uhm Ik-Jun in January, 2000.

SP is currently investigating the possibility that Cheong Wa Dae or government party’s core personnel may have connected Lee Hyung-Taek and former deputy chief Uhm.

Also, SP confirmed that Lee Hyung-Taek sold 220 million won worth of land in August, 2000, to Lee Yong-Ho under 280 million won, making 60 million won in marginal profits. SP is investigating `returned favors` in regard to the treasure excavation business.

Prosecution’s investigation team confirmed their real estate transaction, but concluded that no penalty can be charged since the ownership period of the real estate was long and it was difficult to find any connection with the treasure business.

SP was to summon Lee Hyung-Taek this week, but delayed it until the next week because it felt need of preliminary research on newly raised suspicions.

SP also called in former NIS economic director Kim Hyung-Yoon (arrested) to closely inquire whether former deputy chief Uhm and former NIS 2nd deputy chief Kim Un-Sung instructed the start of the treasure excavation after Lee Hyung-Taek’s request. SP is also investigating the possibility that former NIS director Chun Yong-Taek received report about the excavation business.

SP summoned and investigated Professor Kim (41, female) of an anonymous women’s university regarding the lobbying suspicion of ‘D’ cash office’s former owner Kim Young-Jun, and sent her back without charge on the 25th. SP revealed that "Professor Kim will not be called in again, at least for now."

Professor Kim said, "I was investigated only about how many times I met Kim and how I got to know him. I don’t know anything about the lobbying and I wasn’t investigated about that either." SP also called in credit authorities of Industrial Bank and Hanvit Bank to clarify how Shinwha Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd., which performed the water- blockage construction then, had its maturity of 22 billion won- bond extended.

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