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Opposition Moves to Accuse Mr. Lee for Perjury

Posted January. 23, 2002 11:55,   


With regard to the involvement of the Lee Hyung-Taek, former managing director of Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation, in the treasure ship excavation project of Lee Yong-Ho, the ruling and opposition parties in unison urged for an immediate and thorough investigation.

The Grand National Party in particular demanded the severe punishment of involved investigation team and the introduction of the Special Prosecution for fair investigation on the various suspicions related to the corruption of the government. GNP also decided to move forward with a plan to file a lawsuit against Mr. Lee Hyung-Taek for the charge of perjury in the Parliamentary Inspection of Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation in September last year.

Chang Kwang-Keun, the spokesperson of GNP, remarked that "It seems more definite that the treasure ship project, which is the core element of the Lee Yong-Ho Gate, was the key to the corrupt activities by government authorities, including the National Intelligence Service and Lee Hyung-Taek. The Central Investigation Bureau, which superficially investigated Mr. Lee Hyung-Taek last year, should be questioned about their responsibility."

Jeong Jin-Seok, spokesperson of the United Liberal Democrats, also urged that "The punishment of then investigation team is inevitable in putting a stop to the continuous overturning of investigation results. Since suspicions about the National Intelligence Service`s intervention has been raised, the overall re-investigation on the suspicions related to Lee Hyung-Taek is necessary."

Astonished Cheong Wa Dae and the New Millennium Democratic Party also requested a thorough investigation for the truth.

Oh Hong-Geun, spokesperson of Cheong Wa Dae, remarked at the regular briefing, "I expect that the truth will be revealed without a single suspicion left. Lee Nak-Yeon, spokesperson of NMDP, commented that "It is very unfortunate that a relative of the President is involved in such a case. However, if any allegation is proved true by a fair and thorough investigation, one should be punished equally for violation by the principle of law."

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