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“Good! Song Jong-Kuk!“

Posted January. 23, 2002 11:55,   


`Swiss knife` Song Jong-Kuk is there…

It is the training session of the Korean national soccer team at a high school in California’s Pomona, U.S.A. Center-midfielder Song Jong-Kuk was on defense, along with side midfielders Yoo Sang-Chul and Kim Tae-Young, against 4 opponent attackers Lee Dong-Kuk, Kim Do-Hoon, Ahn Hyo-Yun, and Hyun Young-Min.

The enemy’s instant mistake immediately led to Song’s lightning counterattack, and the ball eventually fell into the net.

"Good!". Head coach Guss Hiddink showed his thumb up with a big smile. No trace of defeat from the previous match with U.S.A was seen in his eyes.

"We got Song who can cover the midfield, defense, right wing, and even the playmaker position." Hiddink assured that there is no problem regarding the injured national team line-up.

Actually, the Korean team is in an emergency as it faces the upcoming match with Cuba on the 24th. Lee Min-Sung is currently out of the defense line-up due to injury, and even Choi Jin-Chul cannot participate because he received a red card. Although minor, midfielders Kim Nam-Il, Lee Ul-Yong, and Park Ji-Sung injured their thigh, crotch, and ankle, respectively. Also, Hwang Sun-Hong in the offense line is not certain about his recovery. Besides, Lee Chun-Soo, who was appointed as the playmaker, did not perform satisfactorily in the U.S. match, and was put on the sidelines.

From this perspective, Hiddink complemented on Song Jong-Kuk as the `remedy for the team`. Song is able to cope effectively with the opponent’s rapid counterattack using his excellent speed, and in offense, he is capable of breaking through the frontline instantly.

He also possesses brilliant shooting capacity, described as `laser shot` by an American TV commentator. If Hwang Sun-Hong fails to participate, he can lead the offense with brisk long-distance shots. Besides, he can bring out the surprised enemy out of the penalty zone, and make space for infiltration.

Cuba lost the day’s match with U.S.A by 0-1 and is judged to have loose formation in the midfield and defense line. Therefore, Song’s is expected to play a wider range in both offense and defense.