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Manufacturing Technique of Bacteriological Weapons Sold for 15 Dollars

Manufacturing Technique of Bacteriological Weapons Sold for 15 Dollars

Posted January. 15, 2002 09:47,   


New York Times reported on the 13th that government research data containing manufacturing technique of bacteriological weapons is openly sold in the U.S. despite the severe anthrax ordeal experience last year.

According to the press, the 57 page-report `Selection of Process for Freeze-Drying, Particle Size Reduction and Filling of Selected BW Agents` is sold for only 15 dollars. Once classified as secret, the information was published in 1952, and contains procedures for producing dried germs in powder form designed to lodge in human lungs. It also points out that the data may be misused by terrorists.

Also, hundreds of `sensitive` information, including `Development of Anthrax for Offensive Use in Biological Warfare` and `The Stability of Botulinum Toxin in Common Beverages`, are openly available on the government website.

Such information were secretly obtained from 1943 to 1969 by the U.S. government biochemical war research, but has been cleared of secrecy for decades under the `Freedom of Information Act`. Bio weapon experts are insisting on reclassification of the information as terrorists may misuse it. The U.S. administration is also thoroughly examining prohibiting the report from being made available publicly.

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