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Ruling Side Is Considering Dismissal of Prosecutor General Shin

Ruling Side Is Considering Dismissal of Prosecutor General Shin

Posted January. 14, 2002 09:33,   


In regard to Prosecutor General Shin`s course of action, Mr. Han Kwang-Ok, the chairperson of the New Millennium Democratic Party, hinted that the ruling party is considering Mr. Shin`s dismissal, saying "It is a source of trouble for us."

Chairperson Han responded to repeated questions about Mr. Shin at the press conference, saying "What I have said previously was not appropriate. Let`s wait and see."

A core person of the ruling side commented that "Since the Special Prosecution requested an arrest warrant for Shin Seung-Hwan, the brother of Prosecutor General Shin, the pressures for the dismissal of the Prosecutor General will inevitably be strengthened regardless of the court`s decision on the warrant. There are many voices rising even in the Public Prosecution."

He also added, "A single case related with his brother may not obligate the dismissal of the Prosecutor General, whose term is guaranteed by the law, but Prosecutor General Shin cannot avoid taking responsibility for the many scandals exposed during his term."

Meanwhile, Nam Kyung-Pil, the spokesperson of the Grand National Party, urged for the voluntary resignation of Prosecutor General Shin at the press conference, arguing that "Prosecutor General Shin is suspected of assigning the case that is related to his brother to the Central Investigation Bureau, which is under his direct control."

Rep. Nam also requested a public apology from the President, saying "President Kim Dae-Jung must express his firm intention to conduct a fair investigation on the corruption cases related with the government in addition to the dismissal of Prosecutor General Shin, and make a sincere apology at the New Year`s Press Conference on the 14th."

Kim Jong-Pil, the president of the United Liberal Democrats who is visiting Japan, also said, "Public Prosecutor General Shin must take his moral responsibility in order to recover the authority of the Public Prosecutors Office and the support of the people. The Public Prosecution should remind itself of its sense of duty to eliminate corruption from the nation, and the right person for the mission must be appointed as Prosecutor General. The decision must not be delayed any longer."

However, Lee Nak-Yeon, the spokesperson of NMDP, remarked that "The Prosecution must investigate thoroughly without distinguishing between both the ruling and the opposition parties since the politicians of the opposition side have been reported to have received money or stocks from Mr. Yoon Tae-Sik. We heard the names of the GNP`s politicians who helped Mr. Yoon."

Rep. Kim Ok-Doo released a personal statement which read "Who the GNP lawmakers are who participated in the technology demonstration hosted by Mr. Yoon`s firm, under what circumstances they attended the demonstration show, and whether they received money or stocks from Mr. Yoon must be thoroughly investigated."

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