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President Kim, “USAF in Korea Is Necessary for National Security“

President Kim, “USAF in Korea Is Necessary for National Security“

Posted January. 11, 2002 10:45,   


President Kim Dae-Jung stated at the first National Security Council (NSC) of this year on the 10th, "The most crucial element in national security policies is to maintain non-partisan cooperation based on public consensus as well as the cooperation and support of allies and international society. All departments must make their best efforts for this."

President Kim also pointed out the negative views on the U.S. Forces in Korea and emphasized that "The station of the U.S. Forces in Korea is crucial for our security and necessary for the nation`s interest."

The NSC decided to move forward with such plans as to maintain an active security posture, to improve the inter-Korean cooperation, to lay the foundation for peaceful cooperation in the Korean peninsula under the slogan of `Promote the Inter-Korean Peace and Co-Existence`.

NSC also decided to strengthen the Korea-U.S.-Japan Cooperation system to improve the North-U.S. relationship and the North-Japan relationship as soon as possible and to establish an anti-terrorism system before the World Cup.