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“Disorder Of Personnel Policy Cause Corruption“

Posted January. 09, 2002 09:10,   


In connection to the arrest of the director of the National Intelligence Service and the officer of the presidential secretary office of civil affairs for the suspicion of corruption, Lee In-Je, standing advisor of New Millennium Democratic Party stated, "It is very unfortunate, even though these are not large scale corruptions. They are the results of disorderly personnel policy."

Mr. Lee stated in the interview with Munhwa Ilbo, "Intelligence services for inspection should maintain official discipline and mutual control, but personnel appointment according to the regional or school connections leads them not to mutual supervising but to mutual dependence and cooperation. We learned a good lesson."

GNP had attacked NMDP for the series of venture gates like `Jin Seung-Hyun Gate` by saying that these are `the most serious corruption cases since Tangun, the founding father of Korean nation.` In response, Mr. Lee criticized the Grand National Party by saying, "I wonder whether the party has the right to make such accusations when the GNP itself diverted public tax money to fund the election campaign and committed injustices to seize the power."

Yong-Gwan Jung yongari@donga.com