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Japan`s Coast Security Guard Searched NK`s Commercial Ship

Japan`s Coast Security Guard Searched NK`s Commercial Ship

Posted January. 08, 2002 09:03,   


The Coast Security Guard of Japan is investigating a North Korean commercial ship off the Enoshima Island, Fujisawa city, yesterday, after receiving a report that "5-6 strangers with diving suits landed on the Island."

According to Japan`s press report, the Naval Security Guard of Japan mobilized aircraft and patrol ships after receiving the report and found a NK commercial ship `So-na-moo (pine tree)` anchored off the Jogashima, 25 km away from the place where the report was filed around 1:00 a.m.

The Coast Guard tried to inspect the ship but was denied entry. The ship traveled northeast for about 80 km and harbored in the Central Harbor of Funabashi about 10:30 a.m. The Coast Guard began investigation of the ship at noon.

Meanwhile, the witness who saw the strangers testified that "I saw something like a huge lumber surfacing from the sea 30-40 m off the coast of Enoshima about 7:00 p.m. on the 6th. 5-6 people with diving suit came out of the thing and approached the Island. They climbed up the cliff and disappeared."

The commercial ship `So-na-moo` is an ore delivery ship, which departed from Shanghai to Funabashi after loading 8,000 tons of ore on the 3rd and was planning to depart for India after loading 5,000 tons of iron.

The Japan`s Coast Guard is being prudent about making a decision on whether the NK ship has any relationship with the reported strangers, since the report is somewhat vague and the NK ship notified Japan`s agent in advance that the ship was "anchoring due to the engine problem."