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“Discussing the Parliamentary Government with YS“

Posted January. 05, 2002 13:39,   


Kim Jong-Pil, the president of the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) stated on the 4th, "A few days later, I will meet the former president Kim Young-Sam to discuss the issue of the amendment of the Constitution to transfer to a parliamentary government and to share New Year’s greetings at the same time. And I plan to visit the former presidents, Chun Doo-Hwan and Roh Tae-Woo in good time."

KJP, the president of ULD, declared in the New Year’s interview with Donga-Ilbo, "Because the monarchic system of the presidential government is the root of chronic political unrest, we have to make an opportunity for a changeover to a parliamentary government by amending the Constitution." It is known that Kim, the president of ULD and the former president Kim will meet around the 7th to the 9th.

KJP also said in the interview, "I’m not sure whether they will express their opinions as clearly as I did, but if they do express their thoughts as men who have experience as top managers of a nation, they will exercise a strong influence on the people."

This is the first time that Kim declared that he plans to meet with former presidents including Kim Young-Sam to discuss the parliamentary government.

He also said, "If I am elected as President, I will complete the constitutional amendment to the parliamentary government within 2 years. If that is not the case, I wish that the next president would amend the constitution to launch the parliamentary government from 2008."

He added, "It is 11 months to the presidential election. I will cooperate with whomever who has the will for parliamentary government."

Sung-Won Park swpark@donga.com