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Argentina`s Interim President Resigns

Posted January. 01, 2002 15:36,   


Argentina`s crisis which was incited by economic crisis is plunging into a stage of serious political vacuum.

The interim President Adolfo Rodriguez Saa (photo picture) resigned Sunday only one week after his inauguration, and said that he would pass over the interim presidential office to Senate leader Ramon Puerta. However, Puerta refused to take over the office.

Following this, Argentina is on the verge of a total crisis in which it has to solve the `state of anarchy` prior to the settlement of economic crisis.

Speaking in a television address on Sunday, Rodriguez Saa said that he "had lost crucial support within his own Peronist Party and was immediately stepping down." "I had no other choice. I will pass over the interim presidential office to Senate leader Ramon Puerta."

However, Puerta refused to take over the presidential office, saying next day "I cannot carry on the interim presidential office due to health reason."

Therefore, Peronist lawmaker Eduardo Camano, the president of the lower House, took over the interim presidential office, and summoned an emergency Congress meeting to select a new president yesterday.

According to the Argentina`s constitution, when the presidential post is vacant, the Congress should hold a joint meeting attended by the total members of Senate and the lower House, and 24 provincial governors within 48 hours to select a new president.

Prior to this, Rodriguez Saa tried to call 14 Peronist provincial governors to a meeting Sunday to discuss measures to solve economic crisis. But, 9 governors did not attend the meeting, hinting at a serious internal feud in the party.

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