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Average Point for Social Fairness Receives 42.5 Point

Posted January. 01, 2002 15:36,   


The average point for social fairness evaluated by people was 42.5 point out of 100 point. However, the average point for self-fairness was 68.2 point, 25.7 point higher than the average point for social fairness. This illustrates that people think that they themselves are fair while society is unfair.

At least 6 people out of 10 (60.4 percent) believed that `if I act fairly according to the rule in social life, I suffer a loss`.

Such a result was revealed by a new year`s public opinion poll (through phone interview) that interviewed 1,000 people who are older than 20 years old on Dec. 26th and 27th. Dong-a Ilbo requested Research and Research, a public opinion poll expert company, to survey the public opinion.

One respondent out of two gave `about 50 point` (50.3 percent) out of 100 which was perfect score for social fairness. 34 percent of the total respondents gave maximum 40 point, and only 15.6 percent gave minimum 60 point. 13.3 percent gave `0` point.

On the contrary, 64.6 percent of the respondents gave minimum 60 point for self-fairness. 31.3 percent gave `about 50 point`, and only 3.9 percent gave maximum 40 point.

The `politician (political party)` was selected as the most unfair group. The `high ranking officials such as minister and vice-minister`, `tax official`, and `prosecutor (prosecution)` were also pointed out as unfair groups.