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President of the Korea Land Corporation Kim Jin-Ho Summoned

President of the Korea Land Corporation Kim Jin-Ho Summoned

Posted December. 27, 2001 09:31,   


The Seoul District Prosecution, which is re-investigating the `Jin Seung-Hyun Gate`, summoned the president of the Korea Land Corporation (KLC) as a witness yesterday, and investigated the circumstances in which he gave money of Jin Seung-Hyun to Huh In-Hoi, who ran as a candidate of the Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) at the Dongdaemun district, during the 4.13 general election.

Kim said, "I received donation worth of 50 million won from Jin since I have been on friendly terms with Jin`s father who was my high school mate. And I gave the money to Huh for whom I was head of a support group at that time."

The prosecution investigated whether "Kim gave Jin`s money to other politicians, and it plans to summon Huh within this week to investigate the circumstances in which he received money."

The prosecution decided to notify the summon to Rep. Kim Bang-Rim of the MDP, who is suspected of having received 50 million won from the former president of MCI Korea Kim Jae-Hwan, who is known as Jin`s lobbyist.

An official of the prosecution said, "Although it is difficult to summon the related lawmakers since the session of the National Assembly has been extended to the early next year, we will notify the summon first and investigate through indirect ways including documentary investigation if they do not respond."

Therefore, the summon of the related lawmakers including Rep. Kim is likely to take place after January 12th next year when the National Assembly`s session ends.

Meanwhile, an official of the prosecution said in relation to the `Jin Seung-Hyun list`, "So far, there has been no statement from the related people in regard with the list."

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