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`Bridge between US and Islam World` Khatami Calls Attention

`Bridge between US and Islam World` Khatami Calls Attention

Posted December. 26, 2001 09:24,   


Who will lead the international news in the coming year of 2002 with the scars from the Sept. 11 terrorism unrelieved? And how can the trends of the times be characterized?

The U.S. weekly news magazine `Newsweek` (Issue of Jan. 7, 2002) selected 10 important people and 10 important trends to watch.

Generally speaking, the Newsweek expected that the U.S. citizens would concentrate their concerns on the anti-terrorism war and its social impacts. 4 out of 10 important people and 4 out of 10 important trends were directly related to the anti-terrorist war.

First of all, Mohamed Khatami, president of Iran, was included in the 10 important people. He has pursued the open policy in spite of the strong opposition of the Islamic fundamentalists, and he was regarded as the most suitable political leader for searching for the reconciliation between the Islam fundamentalism and the western democracy.

Next is Lt. Gen. Charles Wald, Air Force`s deputy chief of staff for operations. He maximized the effect of offense through the accurate air strikes on the major Afghan facilities, and he is expected to take a core part in case of the expansion of war to Iraq next year.

U.S. Senator Bill Frist (Republican, Tennessee) is expected to play an important role in the Congress with profound medical knowledge. The Senate`s only doctor, he has led the establishment of the anti-bioterrorism and anti-anthrax policy since the 9.11 terrorist attacks.

Executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Anthony Romero is a person who will lead the lawsuits related to violations of human rights against the U.S. government after the war ends.

Among the economic circles, the Newsweek selected James Parker, CEO of the Southwest Airlines, who achieved the 29th consecutive year of surplus management under the mass bankruptcy of the airline companies.

Besides these people, the Newsweek selected ▲ President of Brown University Ruth Simmons who was elected as a first African American female president among the Ivy-league schools, and ▲ President of the Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) Claire Fraser, who has led the Genome project. And it included in the list ▲ Videogame Designer Kojima Hideo who developed Metal Gear Solid 2, which has been praised as the best game this year, ▲ Figure Skater Sarah Hughes, and R&B Vocalist Alicia Keys.

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