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“Mother of Emperor Kanmu Was a Descendant of Baekjae“

“Mother of Emperor Kanmu Was a Descendant of Baekjae“

Posted December. 24, 2001 08:38,   


Emphasizing the importance of the relationship between Korea and Japan, Japanese Emperor Akihito said on Sunday that "I feel a connection to Korea through annotations made in the `Continued Record of Japan`, which stated that the mother of Emperor Kanmu was a descendant of Baekjae`s King Muryong."

In a news conference on Sunday, Japanese Emperor Akihito whose 68th birthday is coming soon said, "King Muryong had close ties with Japan at that time and scholars and doctors from Baekjae were often invited to Japan. King Sungmyong, son of King Muryong, was known to have introduced Buddhism to Japan."

Emperor Akihito`s statement is interpreted as a friendly message to the Korean people, instead of his attendance in the opening ceremony of the World Cup in Seoul. It is worth paying attention to his statement since it is the first time that the Japanese Emperor mentioned the `Baekjae origin` of the Japanese Imperial Family.

Emperor Akihito said, "Japanese history books show that there were many exchanges between the two countries, and various culture and technology were introduced to Japan by people from Korea."

Cho Kwang, Professor of History at Korea University, said, "Some Korean scholars have argued for the Baekjae origin of the Japan`s Imperial Family and a few Japanese scholars have admitted it. However, the established theory in the Japanese academic circle did not accept it. The fact that Japanese Emperor admitted it can be interpreted as an active expression to improve the Korea and Japan relationship rather than a denial of the established theory in the Japanese academic circle."