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Oh! Chun, Chun, Okdanchun, Where Is Your Father?

Posted December. 22, 2001 12:08,   


Exactly a year ago, `Oh! Chun,..` was originally planned for production. Park Sang-Soon, the chief editor of Mineum-Sa and editors of the periodical `Literature of the World` decided to publish a meaningful monograph to celebrate the 100th issues of the `Literature of the World`. While they were trying to find a way to honestly approach the Humanities, they decided to publish a dialogue of the representative intellectuals.

The publication of `Oh! Chun,..` took off as such. 26 people from 13 teams were selected for dialogues for at least 3-4 hours and sometimes through the late night with drinks.

The topics ranged broadly from literature, arts, myth, digital book, politics, religions, to women and they were instructed to "speak out whatever they wanted to say." The anxiety as to whether the dialogue would continue turned out to be a groundless fear. The two people who didn`t seemed to have any point of agreement at all soon became friends and shared their thoughts. Scattered discourses of our times that are in the midst of struggles and assertions have converged in the table.

For us who have forgotten the heartfelt dialogues while struggling to survive in this tough era, the Dialogues is full of warmth, joyful, and touching stories of people. Novelist Lee Yoon-Gi talked with his philosopher daughter about the myth, and writer Choi In-Ho, who is famous for his novel `Sang-do` (Business Morality) discussed with Yoon Yoon-Soo, CEO of PhilaKorea who makes 2.4 billion won a year, about the ethical problems of the Korean economy.

Scientist Choi Jae-Cheon who is studying `life` met with poet Choi Seung-Ho who is inquiring `death`.

Painter and Musician, Christian Pastor and Buddhist monk, the owners of Internet bookstore and used book store, sociologist and women activist met with each other for the dialogue. Their jobs and concerns were diverse and the dialogues covered a full variation from private gossips to severe debates. However, the conclusion of the chief editor Park Sang-Soon is that they all realize that they will converge on one path.

"It was a risky attempt because there was no precedent. However, I persuaded myself and neighbors with a conviction that the publication coordinator must go beyond the role for collecting only good manuscripts. And it was very successful."

Chief editor Park stated, "I will come closer to the readers with more fresh ideas next year since [the readers] appreciated it as an opening of new paradigm in the publication."

Oh! Chun, Chun, Okdanchun, Where is your father?

Lee Yoon-Gi et al. Dialogues by Mineum-Sa