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U.S. Requests 6000 NATO Troops

Posted December. 20, 2001 09:08,   


U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld stated on December 18, "The war on terrorism will not end in Afghanistan. Deploy one-third of NATO troops currently stationed in Bosnia." He requested that 6000 of the 18,000 troops stationed in Bosnia be dispatched for the war on terrorism.

Secretary Rumsfeld`s statement is an official request following up on U.S. President George W. Bush and other high ranking government officials suggestion that the scope of the war be expanded.

George Robertson, NATO Secretary-General, said, "It has already been agreed that the ratio of dispatched troops outside NATO jurisdiction should be increased." He added, however, that they have not had any official discussion on how to address expanding the war.

Just before the request, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz stated at a Department of Defense briefing, "The war on terrorism targets the every terrorist organization in the entire world." He warned, "Nations hiding Osama Bin Laden will meet the same fate as Afghanistan and the Taliban government."

Meanwhile, Yemen Special Forces attacked suspected Al Qaeda hideouts in a northern village on December 18th.

It was reported that fighting broke out during the raid that killed 12 people. Some newspapers reported that the U.S. directly reproved Yemen`s clean-up operation, but the U.S. avoided comment.