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Kim, Eun-Sung to Be Summoned during This Week

Posted December. 17, 2001 09:17,   


Seoul District Public Prosecutors Office (SDPPO), who is reinvestigating `Jin Seung-Hyun Gate` arrested Choi Taek-Gon, former ruling party official, on charge of taking bribes on 15th, and plans to summon Shin Gwang-Ok, former Deputy Minister of Justice, by 18th for an investigating.

The prosecution announced on 16th that it also plans to summon Kim, Eun-Sung, former Second Director of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), as early as this week for investigating whether Kim was involved with the owner of MCI Korea Jin Seung-Hyun`s lobbying activities in political and official circles.

In addition, the prosecution will investigate whether Kim attempted to obstruct the prosecution`s first investigation, which was performed last year, with the so-called `Jin Seung-Hyun List` which distorted Jin`s lobbying activites.

A high ranking official of SDPPO officially announced that, "Now, the prosecution is tracing the accounts of the surroundings of Kim, Eun-Sung and Jung Seung-Hong, former economy official of the NIS. After finishing the investigation of former Deputy Minister Shin, the prosecution will summon Kim Eun-Sung."

This official unprecedently said, indicating former Second Director Kim, "A certain circle has disturbed the prosecution`s investigation by leaking some false information to the press."

It is known that the prosecution obtained the circumstantial evidences of Shin`s receiving 10-20 million won from Jin`s side. An official of the prosecution said, "Shin did not receive 100 million won at one lump, but he received money during several differnt times, 2-3 million won at a time." on 16th.

SDPPO arrested Choi on 15th with the charge of receiving 159 million won from Jin 5 times between January to May last year, including 100 million won in cash in April 2000.

Summoning former Deputy Minister Shin, the prosecution plans to investigate whether Shin, Jin, and Choi met together at a Japanese restaurant of P Hotel, in Seoul, in May last year, and whether Shin received money from Choi around that time.

Before he appeared at the prosecutors office, Choi said to his close figures that, "Although three of us met together in May last year, Shin may not remember the meeting because it happened by chance." Choi did not deny the meeting itself.

The prosecution is also investigating whether Shin had influence over the Sajik-Dong Team`s (a special investigation unit of the Police Agency) result, which states that "Jin was a steady venture businessman." in May 2000, when Shin worked as the Senior Presidential Secretary of Civil and Legal Affairs.

Seung-Ryun Kim viyonz@donga.com