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Vice Justice Minister Shin, “I Will Not Resign“

Posted December. 14, 2001 10:14,   


Vice Justice Minister Shin Kwang-Ok`a statement yesterday that he would not resign is likely to create a stir. Vice Justice Minister Shin is under suspicion of having received the lobby fund worth of 100 million won as the former owner of MCI Korea Jin Seung-Hyun testified to the prosecution office that he gave money to Shin through the third person.

Vice Justice Minister Shin told the reporters yesterday, "If I resign now, it will look like as if I am admitting my own guilt. I will not resign until I am cleared of suspicion."

Although a high ranking official of the Seoul District Prosecution did not officially exclude the `possibility of delivery problem`, the official hinted the possibility that Shin might have received money saying that "if Cheong Wa Dae was not in an affluent place, it is possible that vice Justice Minister Shin might have received money without knowing that it was money from Jin."

Political circle and the presidential secretaries said, "Investigation on vice Justice Minister Shin is unavoidable due to the suspicion of 100 million won of bribery. If he maintains his current position as vice Justice Minister, it could be burdensome to the investigation team."

Paying attention to the fact that vice Justice Minister Shin did not even admit that he met with Jin, the prosecution continues to investigate people around vice Justice Minister Shin.

A prosecution official said, "We have not traced bank account directly targeting vice Justice Minister Shin yet." However, vice Justice Minister Shin told to the press, "Account of my relative who is working in a big company was traced."

The prosecution`s investigation on the former Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) official and Choi Teck-Gon, who received at least 100 million won from Jin saying that he would give the money to Shin, is speeding up the process.

A high ranking official of the Seoul District Prosecution officially confirmed Jin`s testimony that Mr. Choi had met with vice Justice Minister Shin at a hotel downtown Seoul more than twice, and had received 100 million won from Jin for the purpose of lobby.

This official also said, "After finding out Mr. Choi`s role in delivering lobby funds, the prosecution banned him from leaving the country on 4th or 5th, and Mr. Choi disappeared after he was denied of leaving for New Zealand."

The prosecution found out that Mr. Choi and Mr. Jin met through the former lawmaker Kim, and plans to summon Mr. Kim to investigate how Mr. Choi and Mr. Kim met. Meanwhile, a high ranking official of the Seoul District Prosecution announced that it would not slow down the investigation on the former second chief of the National Intelligence Service Kim Eun-Sung`s involvement in the Jin Seung-Hyun Gate, separately from the vice Justice Minister Shin`s alleged involvement.

Kim Seung-Ryun srkim@donga.com