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“Israel Cut off Connection with Arafat“ and Resumed Attacks

“Israel Cut off Connection with Arafat“ and Resumed Attacks

Posted December. 14, 2001 10:14,   


Israeli Security Cabinet held an emergency Cabinet Meeting right after the Palestinian suicide bomb on 13th, and announced that it would cut off every connection to and related with Yasser Arafat the Palestinian leader.

In the statement, the Security Cabinet said, "Arafat, who did not take any action to stop the terror, is directly responsible for the attacks." Also it declared in the statement, "We will arrest armed soldiers and confiscate weapons, and defend ourselves by all means from the Palestinian terror."

Some analyze that the Israeli emergency measures are the Israel government`s declaration of breaking-down of the relationship with Arafat`s Palestine Autonomous Government, which will drive both Israel and Palestine to the state of war, dissipating the Oslo Treaty. Soon after the decision, Israel armed helicopters assaulted the major installations such as the headquarters of Arafat, which lies in the west bank of Jordan river and the main transmitter of the Palestinian radio station, etc..

For the time being, therefore, it seems hard to resume the Mid-East Peace talks. Israel`s firm response was made after the Palestinian double suicide bomb bus attacks on 12th that killed 10 people and injured about 30 people.

Previously, Mr. Arafat had ordered all offices of the militant Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups in the area to be closed. But the U.S. demanded more intensive measures saying, "it`s not enough."

Yoon Yang-Sup lailai@donga.com