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“Elaborate Preparation Will Create Sensation Next Year“

“Elaborate Preparation Will Create Sensation Next Year“

Posted December. 14, 2001 10:15,   


▼ Individual Tactics

The first commandment that Head Coach Guus Hiddink gave to coaching staffs is that "Never reprimand the players." He thinks that it is the best for the player to figure out and speak out his mistake on his own. During the national team selection process, he never uses such a negative expression as `He is not it`. Rather, he always tried to find out actively the hidden potential from the players. For instance, by Hiddink`s encouragement, midfielder Lee Eul-Yong could become a credible wingback, and wing-back Lee Young-Pyo changed his position to midfielder.

Hiddink has utilized the scientific analytic framework for improving the abilities of the players. He already began the analysis on the players` strengths and weaknesses with video and computer program, and he plans to suggest the training method based on the analysis result in the middle of January. In particular, he plans to correct even the shooting posture of strikers for improving goal-making ability.

▼ Team Tactics

`Thinking soccer` constitutes the core of his team tactic. When the national team has the self-evaluation game, Hiddink usually stops the game 5 minutes before the game ends. He asks to the losing team "Are you guys going to take your chance in the remaining 5 minutes? If so, what kind of tactics are you going to take?", and to the winning team "How are you going to maintain the lead?" He stops again the game with 2 minutes left, and asks them "I don`t think your tactics are working well. Is there any other plan?". And he does not forget to suggest an alternative. The pre-formulated team tactic such as 4-4-2 system is not relevant for him. His team tactic is to play his own role 100 percent within his given position and to be engaged in the organic play as a team.

▼ Physical Energy

Whenever the tournament or evaluation game ends, Hiddink suggests they individually consider a weight program and then the Korean coaching staffs are asked to check if the players are following the program properly. He did the same thing after the game with the USA team ended on 9th. From next January when the best-11 will be actually confirmed, he will conduct the second step of stamina improving program according to the strength and weakness of each player. And Hiddink emphasized the player`s responsibility players to not lose the ball in the actual game. If a ball is taken away from a player, the instant counterattack of the opponent team ends up only creating great loss of physical energy of all players.

▼ Mental Strength

Head Coach has often said that the Korean players were weak-minded. Hence, he has requested the team doctors not to go to the players when they tumbled or fall during practice, as long as the injury was not serious.

Adding to this, Hiddink was displeased with the lack of communication within the team due to the strict order of rank. He reformed the rigid atmosphere within the team from the dining hall. He ordered the players, on the one hand, to keep the mealtime for securing the conversation time, and on the other hand, directed the captain to shuffle the seats of veteran and young players.

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