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North Korea Cabinet, Generation Shift to 40s

Posted December. 13, 2001 09:25,   


It was reported on 12th that Choi Tae-Bog, the former Secretary of Education Division, was appointed to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs Division in the Korean Worker`s Party (KWP) of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The Secretary of Foreign Affairs Division has been vacant since Mr. Hwang Jang-Yop defected from DPRK in February 1997. For the Secretary of Education Division Kim Ki-Nam, the Secretary of Propaganda Division was appointed, and the appointment of the Secretary of Propaganda Division Jung Ha-Cheol, Vice Secretary of Propaganda Division, was already reported through broadcast media in September.

An official related with intelligence authority announced as above in the `North Korea Situation Report` of The Advisory Council on Democratic And Peaceful Unification`s joint convention of Steering Committee and Standing Committee in Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. And he said, "North Korea made some personnel transfer in September shifting some Secretariats of Party Central Committee."

The shift of Secretariats of KWP of DPRK is noteworthy because it shows the intention to intensify the policy function by reorganizing the formation of party system, which now has no significant function.

The official said, "North Korea Cabinet also had a generation shift from 40s to 50s among Ministers especially in the economic divisions. It accelerates bureaucratizing and systematizing and promotes economic recovery through the generation shift even in the level of Directors and Chiefs of the divisions from October."

Meanwhile, Kim Yong-Soon, the Secretary of South Korea Division reduced his public activities from 73 times last year to 35 this year. And he accompanied Kim Jong-Il, the chairperson of the Military Commission, only once this year compared to 44 times last year.

High authority of Intelligence analyzed, "Secretary Kim Yong-Soon looks like he is retreating because of the depression of relationship between South Korea and North Korea."

Kim Young-Sik spear@donga.com