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`Peter Pan` Kim Byung-Cheol “Higher and Higher“

Posted December. 12, 2001 09:21,   


`Peter Pan` is soaring again.

Peter Pan is a nickname of Kim Byung-Cheol, a shooter of Tong Yang Orion (28, 1m 85). He obtained such a glorious name because he was moving too fast for the opponent defenders to recognize his movement during his college days in the Korea University.

However, Kim Byung-Cheol looked like Peter Pan who lost his wings in this season. Although his team that had ranked in the last place last season became the runner-up for the first place this season, there has been no place for Kim who had always been one of star player. It is because that the Tong Yang`s coaching staffs have led the team based on the specialization of three players such as Hick`s scoring, rookie guard Kim Seung-Hyun`s assist, and Perryman`s rebound.

Moreover, his college and current teammate Jeon Hee-Cheol has been in the disabled list due to a muscle pain. In short, Kim seemed to play only to fill the vacant spot of the team.

Last year, Kim spent the worst season in his career. Kim played a role of point guard, which was not comfortable for him. He returned to his original shooter position this season, but even harsher fate was waiting for him. He had scored 16.2 points per game playing as a point guard last season, but he recorded only 11.7 points per game as a shooter during 17 games so far this season. What is the reason for his slump? Kim said that there was no problem in practice at all, but strangely he could not focus.

Kim Jin, head coach of the Tong Yang, said that "Byung-Cheol looks too anxious. His shooting should have exploded when the team needed it. There might be some kind of psychological problem."

However, Kim Byung-Cheol, who has created anxiety for the coaching staffs`, revived unbelievably on 9th, exploding 24 points including 5 three pointers, which were his best record this season.

Kim was a completely different man in this game, when recollecting the fact that he recorded no point against the KCC on 2nd, 9 points against the SBS on 4th, and 11 points against the SK Knights on 8th in December.

What made the difference? Head Coach Kim Jin said that "I just told him to shoot confidently regardless of the game result. He surprisingly regained his confidence."

Peter Pan is an idol of many children, who is reluctant to be an adult. Kim could not show his potential with fixed play style, but now he seems find his own way to score after acquiring the freedom on the court.