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3 Million Won Will Be Charged for Use of Disposable Supplies

3 Million Won Will Be Charged for Use of Disposable Supplies

Posted December. 07, 2001 09:59,   


`Producers Responsibility For Recycling System` that both manufacturers and distributors take responsibility for the re-collection of the wastes will be introduced by 2003. The restrictions will be strengthened so that the restaurants and public baths that use or supply the disposable supplies for free will be fined up to 3 million won.

Ministry of Environment announced that the government will implement the revised bill, "the law about the natural resource saving and the facilitation of recycling." from 2003 after it is approved by the National Assembly early next year.

According to the revised bill, the manufacturers of electronic appliance, fluorescent light, tire, batteries, lubricants, paper bottle, plastic bottle, metal can, must re-collect to re-cycle over a certain percent of the production that is regulated by the government. When the producers fail to achieve the assigned recycling, they shall be charged up to 30 percent of the cost to re-collect the wastes in addition to the original cost for re-collection. Currently, the manufacturers have deposited some money for recycling to the government and will take the money back after showing their record for recycling.

The revised bill regulated that the manufacturers recycle for free the heavy and large wastes such as some electronic appliances that cannot be recycled by authorized trash bags. Up to 3 million won will be charged for failure to recycle. Currently, some sales agencies are recollecting the old products while selling new products, but it’s only a sales strategy, which has no legal obligation.

In addition, restaurants that use disposable wares such as wooden chopsticks, and public baths or inns and hotels that supply throwaway goods such as razor, tooth brush, shampoo will be charged up to 3 million won immediately after it is uncovered. The department stores and shopping centers that provide plastic shopping bags or disposable shopping bags will also be discipline by the same regulation.

The revised bill also obligates the purchase of recycling products when the Environment Minister requests public organizations to purchase recycling products.

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