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Opposition Party Withhold Extension of Teachers` Retirement Age

Opposition Party Withhold Extension of Teachers` Retirement Age

Posted December. 04, 2001 09:04,   


Regarding the Teachers` Retirement Age Extension Bill, the President of the Grand National Party (GNP) Lee Hoi-Chang said that he would listen carefully to public opinion including teachers, parents and the party members, and would persuade them to consult with the ruling party.

The GNP`s change is interpreted as a move to temporarily withdraw its plan to pass the bill, unlike its previous plan to push for the passage of a controversial bill which extends the teachers` retirement age from 62 to 63 during the current Assembly session (until 8th).

"I strongly felt that the public opinion turned against the GNT`s push for the extension of the retirement age for teachers when I came back from my visit to Russia and Finland. It is not right to force the passage of the bill, using our majority power in the parliament." said the president Lee at the presidential group meeting and the party caucus.

"Although we sincerely thought that it was important to set straight the educational system as well as the teachers` authority, we seemed to have been misunderstood by others as if the gigantic opposition party is persisting. We should not push for the bill`s passage by force, but with a more humble attitude." said Lee.

Therefore, it is anticipated that the passage of the bill, which was passed at the Legislation and Judiciary Committee as well as the Education Committee, would be dispersed during the plenary session unless any negotiations between the ruling and the opposition parties are made.

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