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Suicide Bombers Hit Jerusalem again

Posted December. 03, 2001 10:25,   


Two cases of suicide terrorism took place in downtown Jerusalem shopping mall yesterday, and at least twelve people died and 170 people were wounded. Armed Palestinian militants opened fire in the Gaza Strip, causing one Israel civilian`s death. Israel immediately announced that it would `revenge`.

Despite efforts to resume peace negotiation, such as the dispatch of a special Middle East envoy by the U.S., bloody conflicts between Israel and Palestine are getting worse.

- Jerusalem turned to hell = It was around 10 p.m. Saturday in Ben Yehuda mall in western Jerusalem, and the streets and the Zion Square were crowed young people. However, the pedestrian mall turned into hell when the bombs went off.

There were dead bodies without arms and legs and wounded people on the ground, and many people were crying. Right after the terrorist attacks, coffee shops and restaurants closed down. The Ben Yehuda mall has been the target of suicide attacks in the past. 20 minutes later, an explosion went off in a car parked near the mall. It was only 50 meters away from the first bomb explosion. Rescue service personnel said that most of the dead and wounded people were teens and young people in their 20s, and some were in critical condition. The death toll is anticipated to increase.

- Warning of additional terrorism = Islamic Jihad called the Britain`s BBC right after the incidents, and claimed responsibility for all of the attacks with the warning that there will be additional terrorist attacks soon.

Hamas and its sister group Islamic Jihad had vowed revenge against Israel`s killing a top Hamas militant Mahmud Abu Hanud in the West Bank.

Analysts say that these groups have sought to maximize the terror effects by targeting the busiest quarters where people are usually crowded on the day of Jewish Sabbath.

Yoon Yang-Sup lailai@donga.com