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“Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam Should Resign. Shin Kwang-Ok Shouldn`t Be His Successor“

“Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam Should Resign. Shin Kwang-Ok Shouldn`t Be His Successor“

Posted December. 03, 2001 09:25,   


Concerning President Kim`s remark at an interview with MBC that `even the president is unable to interfere in the matter of Prosecutor General whose term is guaranteed`, the Grand National Party Spokesman Kwon Chun-Hyun commented on Dec. 2, "Such a remark was made in order not to correct the power-related corruption cases and poor personnel appointments." demanding repeatedly the discharge of Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam.

He said, "There is a suspicion that President is planning to induce the impeachment of Prosecutor General Shin and put blame on the opposition parties, and to put the Vice-Minister of Justice Shin Kwang-Ok, who has been known to be far more loyal that Prosecutor General Shin, in the office of Prosecutor General." thus arguing that Shin Kwang-Ok should not be appointed as the Prosecutor General.

He also demanded, regarding the insolvent management of public funds, △ President`s public apology before the nation and discharges of Prime Minister and Vice-Prime Minister of Economy △ the reprimand of those responsible at the Financial supervisory Service, Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation and Asset Management Corporation △ the enforcement of the parliamentary investigation

But the New Millennium Democratic Party Spokesman objected, "It is without question that the government should probe the case of public funds and reprimand those who are found responsible, but it is nothing but a political offensive to summon the subjects of the government`s probe to the National Assembly prior to the government`s joint-probe and dispute with them." He also mentioned, "According to a recent survey, 69.8 percent of parents of students and 56.3 percent of general teachers are opposed to the extension of the teachers` retirement age." and insisted, "The Grand National Party should void the proposal to extend the teacher`s retirement age to comply with the people`s opinion."

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