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Cha Jeong-Il Was Appointed to a Special Prosecutor

Posted December. 01, 2001 13:26,   


President Kim Dae-Jung appointed Cha Jeong-Il to a special prosecutor who would investigate the `Lee Yong-Ho`s stock manipulation and embezzlement case as well as lobbing suspicion case` yesterday.

Head presidential information secretary Oh Hong-Keun said, "President Kim judged that Cha Jeong-Il would be the right person for the special prosecutor, considering his administration skill, ability to deal with the cases, integrity, and reputation."

The special prosecutor is to launch the full-scale investigation after 10-day preparation period since the appointment. Although the investigation period is 60 days, it can be extended for 30 more days at the first time, and for 15 days at the second time.

The special prosecutor Cha, born in Seoul, is 59 years old. He is a graduate of Seoul High School and the Seoul National University with the law major, and passed the 8th state law examination. He served at the Supreme Public Prosecutor`s Office, worked at the Eastern District in the Seoul District Prosecutor`s Office as a special prosecutor as well as a trial prosecutor. Since 1990, Cha has been a practicing lawyer.