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2-Year Colleges` Quota to Be 350,000…. Special Selection Takes 48 Percent

2-Year Colleges` Quota to Be 350,000…. Special Selection Takes 48 Percent

Posted November. 29, 2001 09:16,   


For student selection for 2002 academic year, 159 two-year colleges will receive a quota of 350,000 students, and the half of the quota will be picked out by `special selection process` exclusively considering the transcripts of candidates.

146 two-year colleges will carry out the selection process during the same period with 4-year colleges to attract more eligible students.

The Korean Council For College Education (President Lee Chang-Gu) announced `the college student selection plan for 2002 academic year` yesterday.

A volume of new students of 159 two-year colleges totaled 350,072, including the prescribed quota of 292,253 and the extra-quota of 57,189, indicating the increase by 5.1 percent (17,125) from the last year`s quota. And among the prescribed quota, 141,222 students will be selected by `the special selection process` based on the academic records of candidates, not the records of college entrance exams. In particular, the special selection quota for two- or four-year college graduates increased to 40,310, increased by 54.9 percent (15,243).

Since 126 departments such as the early childhood education, visual optics, bio medical engineering, architecture, information technology, etc. will be converged into three-year system from this year, total 135 departments come to invite 52,647 students on the basis on three-year system.

The average competition of two-year colleges is anticipated to be 6:1. But as the records of this year`s college entrance exam sharply dropped and the percentage of employment of two-year college graduates has increased, the cut-line and the competition rate of popular departments are expected to shoot up.

Since the stipulation prohibiting multiple applications is not applied to two-year colleges, students can apply unlimitedly not only to 4-year college, but also to 2-year colleges. For more information, visit the homepage of the Korean Council For College Education (www.kcce.or.kr) or call to the Academic Support Department (02-784-5542, 786-5430).