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“North Korea Shooting Violation of Ceasefire Agreement“

“North Korea Shooting Violation of Ceasefire Agreement“

Posted November. 29, 2001 09:15,   


UN Military concluded that the North Korea shooting incident that occurred in the Kyongki Pajoo city DMZ on the morning of November 27 was a clear violation of the ceasefire agreement.

"On the afternoon of November 27, a UN special investigation team visited the ally barracks which were attacked by North Korean fire in the DMZ, and conducted an investigation of the scene and concluded that this incident was a serious violation of the ceasefire agreement." said one high-ranking official of the UN Military.

Following the investigation, UN proposed a secretary minister level meeting to the North on the night of November 27 but North Korea refused the request.

UN military source said, "We have not yet decided whether the fire was a mistake or a planned attack. Deciding for either one may lead into a trap intended by North Korea."

Meanwhile, both the ruling and opposition parties united and demanded an explanation, apology, and promise to prevent future shootings from North Korea.

MDP spokesperson Lee Nak-Yeon stated, "We demand that North Korea explain why and how such an incident occurred and offer a sincere apology." GNP spokesperson Chang Kwang-Kun stated, "The government administration must respond forcefully and, beside finding out the intent behind the shooting, secure the promise that there will be no such shootings in the future."

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