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GNP "Prosecution General and NIS Head Should Resign"

Posted November. 21, 2001 09:13,   


The relation between the ruling and the opposition parties seems to freeze sharply as the Grand National Party (GNP) determined on Nov. 20 to impeach Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam and National Intelligence Service (NIS) Head Shin Keon unless they resign voluntarily by the end of the month.

GNP leader Lee Hoi-Chang plans to hold a press meeting at Incheon International Airport on Nov. 21 before his visits to Russia and Finland, and to demand that President Kim Dae-Jung carry out the resolute measures for reforming the management of national affairs, including measures against those who are responsible for various suspicions of corruption.

GNP Floor Leader Lee Jae-Oh said at the three GNP leaders` council on Nov. 20, "We cannot help but to introduce a motion of impeachment against Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam and NIS Head Shin Keon during the regular session of the National Assembly (through Dec. 9) if there are no acceptable measures by the end of the month, including resignations or dismissals of the two." and continued, "GNP will cooperate with the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) when introducing an impeachment motion."

GNP Chief Vice-Spokesman Chang Kwang-Keun said, "If the President really wants to show a new image, he should provide with measures for wholly transforming the national affair management, including the dismissals of Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam and NIS Head Shin Keon." and argued "The President must show himself as a person of action by apologizing to the public about various scandals and organizing a neutral Cabinet."

In addition, GNP Spokesman Kwon Chul-Hyun requested an apology before the public from the New Millennium Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Hong-Il, alleging that, "According to Chung Seong-Hong, the former NIS Economics Section Chief, Rep. Kim is found to have been associated with gangsters."

The ULD Leader Kim Jong-Pil also demanded the resignations of Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam and NIS Head Shin Keon, saying, "Social justice has fallen to the ground as the government agencies don`t do what they are supposed to do but rather do strange things."

The GNP and the ULD plant to call for the National Assembly Intelligence Committee on Nov. 26 and to inquire of NIC Head Shin about suspicions of NIC officials` involvements in numerous scandals.

Regarding this, MNP spokesman Lee Nack-Yeon criticized, "The opposition parties` demand for the resignations of Prosecutor General and NIS Head is nothing but a political maneuvering, and determining the deadline for the two`s resignations is of arbitrary unacceptable to most people." He said in his comment, "The GNP deserves criticism as it has abandoned its responsibility as the first party in the floor for maintaining national security and social orders if it intends to spread political propaganda through demanding the resignations of the two, considering the next year`s presidential election only." He said regarding the demand for Rep. Kim`s apology to the public, "It is not right to talk about an uncertain contention made by one side."

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