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Opposition Party Requests for ``Reexamination on 3 Venture Gates``

Opposition Party Requests for ``Reexamination on 3 Venture Gates``

Posted November. 15, 2001 09:18,   


In terms of the suspected bribe-taking of Kim Eun-Sung, the second director of the National Intelligence Service, Lee Hoi-Chang the president of the Grand National Party urged for a fair investigation, saying ``the completion of the President Kim`s administration must be focused on the termination of corruptions.

Mr. Lee stated at the party`s executive meeting, ``the corrupted cases related to the staffs of NIS including the `Lee Yong-Ho Gate` have been revealed. The primary goal of the national administration during the rest of time has to be the termination of corruptions and the reformation.``

He also added, ``President Kim must show a neutral frame of the national administration to prove his honesty. [The President] should shape neutral power institutions such as the Public Prosecutors Office and the Police and form a neutral Cabinet.``

Lee Jae-Oh, floor leader of GNP, revealed that ``[GNP] will request for the dismissal of Prosecutor General Shin Seung-Nam for the case of director Kim and also demand for the special investigation on the projects of director Kim and the former economy director Kim Hyung-Yun.``

In addition, Chang Kwang-Keun, the senior spokesperson of GNP, argued that ``the 3 Gates including the cases of Lee Yong-Ho, Chung Hyun-Jun, Jin Seung-Hyun, are totally corrupted cases in which the national authorities are involved. There are real wire-pullers behind the scene. The 3 Gates have to be reexamined all over again and the related persons must be dismissed from their offices.``