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SK Urged for ``Urgent Resumption of Separated Family Reunion``

SK Urged for ``Urgent Resumption of Separated Family Reunion``

Posted November. 10, 2001 13:13,   


North Korea expressed, at the 6th Inter-Korean Minister Level Meeting in Mt. Keumgang Hotel, Kangwon, its worries about the emergency measures of the South in relation to the U.S. war on terror.

Kim Young-Sun, Chief of the North Delegation, remarked in his keynote speech, ``the recent emergency alert measure of the South in terms of the terror is in fact aiming against the North. It is directly contradictory against the essential spirit of 6.15 Joint Declaration to promote the national cooperation and to oppose against any foreign intervention.``

Particularly, the North side kept raising problems of the South`s military disciplines and the cooperation with foreign powers, without bringing forth any specific agenda during the first general meeting from 10 to 11:20 a.m.

In response, Hong Soon-Young, Chief delegate of the South delegation, explained, ``the emergency measure of the South is to protect the foreigners in the nation as well as the life and property of the people from an international terror.`` ``It is very regretful that the North unilaterally postpone the exchange of the separated family reunion and refuse to meet at the South.``

The South proposed the North to resume the 4th separated family reunion as soon as possible, to have an Inter-Korean Military Authority meeting to increase the mutual credibility and to alleviate the tensions in the peninsula, to connect the Seoul-Shinuiju Railroad by the immediate implementation of the Military Warrantee Agreement, to open overland routes to promote the Mt. Keumgang Tour, and to move for projects to construct a National Economy Community such Gaesung Industrial Complex.

Right before the meeting, Northern Chief of Delegation Kim Young-Sung emphasized ``we have to promote the Mt. Keumgang Tour at this Minister Level meeting to make more people to visit Mt. Keumgang.`` hinting that the North will bring forth an agenda to normalize the Mt. Keumgang Tour.