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President Kim Is to Call Leaders Meeting with Two Opposition Parties

President Kim Is to Call Leaders Meeting with Two Opposition Parties

Posted November. 10, 2001 13:13,   


President Kim Dae-Jung is known to call a meeting with the leaders of the opposition parties, Lee Hoi-Chang of the Grand National Party and Kim Jong-Pil of the United Liberal Democrats, to ask for the non-partisan cooperation for the national administration.

The New Millennium Democratic Party is in the midst of sectarian endeavor to occupy an advantageous position concerning the date of party`s national convention.

Leaders` Meeting: a high official of Cheong Wa Dae said, ``since the general session of the National Assembly is still open, the leaders of the parties may have chance to encounter the current issues of public welfares. Once they meet together, President will discuss with them about the non-partisan national administration after his resignation and the political cooperation.``

President Kim will emphasize at the leaders` meeting that he will fairly manage the local government election and the presidential election and the parties should compete with each other by their policies.

Inner Conflicts of NMDP: Chung Dong-Young, who led the reformist movement, asserted at a symposium hosted by `Institute For Practice of Righteous Politics` yesterday, ``the board of delegation of NMDP is frame to be advantageous of a candidate from a certain area and a certain sect. If the frame is not broken down, questions about the fairness of the race will be raised. So, the number of delegates has to be increased to 100,000.``

Mr. Han Hwa-Gap remarked in a MBC radio program, ``the national convention of the party must be carried out in January next year as the party`s constitution regulates. And the national convention has nothing to do with the election of the party`s Presidential candidate.``

However, Mr. Rhee In-Jae set out to collect his supporters, insisting that, to win the local government election next year, the national convention has to be called in March or April to elect the party`s president and the Presidential candidate.

The leaders` meeting of the five reformist groups, planned to discuss the cooperation measures in the future, was cancelled.