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D-Day of College Entrance Exam, Answer Explanation Starts from 8 O`Clock Pm in EBS TV

D-Day of College Entrance Exam, Answer Explanation Starts from 8 O`Clock Pm in EBS TV

Posted November. 07, 2001 10:56,   


The 2002 college entrance exams are taken in 937 examination places of 73 districts from 8: 40 am today.

The students have to go into the assigned examination room with an admission ticket and an identification card before 8: 10 am.

Those students who lost admission tickets can get new tickets issued in the head office of the examination place, if they hand in a photo identical with one attached in the application form before 8: 00 am.

The exams will be taken in order of linguistic, mathematical, social and scientific and foreign language (English) areas from 8: 40 am to 5: 00 pm. And the second foreign language exam will be conducted after regular examination hour for 40 minutes from 5: 30 pm to 6: 10 pm.

The exam results will be delivered through the high schools from which the examinees are either attending or have graduated.

For a smooth traffic flow, the office-commuting hour will be delayed from 9: 00 am to 10: 00 am for the public offices and companies in most municipal areas except Cheju. And the car entrance will be completely controlled within 200 m area around the examination places.

The public bus will run 20-30 percent more than the normal time, and the personal taxis can do business without restriction. For subways of Seoul, Pusan, and Incheon, the rush hour operating time will be extended to 10: 00 am from 6: 00 am, and the subway operation intervals also will be reduced.

Meanwhile, the answer explanation for college entrance exam will be broadcasted through the EBS TV from 8: 00 pm, and through FM radio from 7: 00 pm.

The www.donga.com will make public the examination paper through the internet.