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6 Or 7 Diplomats Will Be Reprimand for `Shameful Diplomacy`

6 Or 7 Diplomats Will Be Reprimand for `Shameful Diplomacy`

Posted November. 07, 2001 10:40,   


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade held a personnel committee to decide the reprimand of 6 or 7 persons including the consul general and consuls in China who are responsible for the `shameful` diplomacy concerning the execution of Mr. Shin (41) by the Chinese government.

A diplomatic authority delivered that ``at the first personnel committee, the irresponsible management of the documents and the omission of the report to the government was acknowledged by the inspection report of inspector Choi Byung-Ho. The reprimand of the related diplomats is inevitable.``

The personnel committee will hold a second meeting today to make the final decision for the reprimand and will report it to Minister Han Seung-Soo. Therefore, the disciplinary committee is likely to be called in this week to summon related persons and will set for the disciplinary process.

The diplomats who are currently considered to be summoned are Consul General Shin Hyong-geun, Consul Kim Byung-Kwon of the Korean Embassy in China, and Consul General Chang Seok-Chul and Consul Lee Hui-Jun of the Korean Consulate in Shenyang. In addition, the consuls of the Korean embassy in China in 1997 and the diplomatic minister who were acting for the ambassador in September of the year, are considered to be summoned as well.

Prime Minister Lee Han-Dong ordered at the cabinet meeting yesterday, ``perform the overall investigation on the legation and establish a general measure to protect the overseas residents. And the Foreign Ministry, strongly reprimand the related diplomats and strengthen the cooperative relationship with China.``

Meanwhile, according to a government official, Chinese Foreign Minister Tang, Jiaxuan officially apologized that China notified the Korean government about the execution of Mr. Shin a month later and the death of Mr. Chung (68) in prison 7 month later.