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Public Fund Must Not Be Used for Press Suppression

Posted November. 06, 2001 10:01,   


Reps. Ko Heung-Gil and Nam Kyung-Pil asserted yesterday, ``Broadcasting development fund, which is a public fund, must not be used for the government and the ruling party`s press suppression and for the stimulation of unnecessary conflicts.``

At the Culture and Tourism Committee to review the budget of Korean Broadcasting Commission, the 2 lawmakers asserted, ``588 million won to support the research project of Korea Press Foundation must be drastically cut down.``

They added, ``violent languages such as `we need to act like gangsters` and `have to attack the rotary press` were uttered at the staff retreat of the press-related civic organizations. Subsidy to such extremist retreat mush be totally cancelled.``

Rep. Ko insisted, ``the fact that the Korea Press Foundation wastes its money for the problematic project evidences that the Foundation has failed the fund management. Therefore, the operation of the broadcasting development fund needs to be approved by the National Assembly from its planning.``

Reps. Shim Gyu-Chul and Chung Byung-Guk also criticized that ``Korean Press Foundation expressed its plan to expand the staff retreat program for the press-related civic organizations next year, which reveals its intention to continue its suppression against the critical press. Therefore, [the Foundation] must be excluded from the support of broadcasting development fund.``