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SK Knights ``OK, Two Straight Victories``

Posted November. 05, 2001 10:50,   


In the beginning of the season, the results from the games usually depend on how each team has simulated the most realistic to the live games during the break.

There was no exception even in game between SK Knights and SBS Stars at Jamsil Gymnasium on the second day of the 2001-2002 Anycall Professional Basketball League.

Both teams replaced the leading guards controlling the flow of game, but while the SK Knights maintained the best line-up of Seo Jang-Hoon, Cho Sang-Hyun, Hannibal and Moore using Lim Jae-Hyun and Park Joon-Yong alternately, the SBS lacked the well-arranged tactics in the employment of players.

The SK Knights` 82-78 victory was drawn from difference in stability. With this win, the SK Knights earned the second consecutive wins, but the SBS lost two straight games discouraging the prospects for this season.

Both teams took a risky tactic in constructing a best-five. The SK Knights replaced Moore for Jackie Jones who had showed the excellent performance in rebound and block shoot last season, on the one hand, and the SBS chose Perry over last year`s points title winner Edwards Dennis, on the other hand. However, while the SK Knights succeeded to keep the team`s aptitude, the SBS showed the ineptitude in teamwork and the offensive line.

In this game, the SBS sent point guard Eun Hee-Seok and shooting guard Kim Sung-Cheol as a starting member. But as it fell behind 17-22 in the first quarter, the SBS substituted for Kim Sang-Shik and Kim Hoon in the second quarter. Kim Hoon made a shoot from the downtown in a 21-26 led situation, and Kim Sang-Shik made an equalizing shoot. But as the SK Knights employed a new pattern by replacing point guard Lim Jae-Hyun for Park Joon-Yong, the SBS began to tumble again. The SBS sent to the court Kim Kwang-Woon in the third quarter and Kim Sang-Shik and Eun Hee-Seok in the fourth quarter, and added shooters Kim Hoon and Kim Sung-Cheol. But nobody recorded a double-digit point among the domestic players. Only an imported rookie Perry played his part properly with 41 points and 12 rebounds.

On the other hand, for the SK Knights, Seo Jang-Hoon and Cho Sang-Hyun won 25 points each to establish the powerful offensive line with Hannibal who recorded 21 points.

Meanwhile, last year`s champion Samsung Thunders lost to Sambo Xers 79-87 to record the unexpected second consecutive defeat, and LG Sakers (122-114) and Mobis Automons (95-91) defeated the Korea Tender Prumi and the SK Bigs to earn the two straight wins respectively.