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Disciplinary Action to Be Taken for Diplomatic Embarrassment

Disciplinary Action to Be Taken for Diplomatic Embarrassment

Posted November. 05, 2001 10:49,   


The government decided on November 4 to begin actual review of disciplinary measures to be taken against those involved in the execution of Mr. Shin in China and the individual in charge due to overlooking relevant documents and insufficient effort to protect citizens resident abroad.

It is reported that the government will look in to taking disciplinary action first against the Korean Embassy in China, the Shanyang consulate office and the consulate general, which were involved in the Shin case since its beginning in September of 1997 up to the present, in light of the seriousness of the scandal.

Seeing how the scandal has significantly hurt the international credibility of Korean foreign relations, there is talk about the chief executive office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade taking the responsibility for the incident.

The government will disclose the facts of the case, censure, and preventative measures for the future immediately after Minister of Foreign Affairs, Han Seung-Soo, returns from Brunei where he is making preparations for the `ASEAN and Korea-China-Japan Summit Conference`.

The government began direct investigations after foreign affairs ministry inspector Choi Byung-Ho, who was sent on urgent duty to China, returned on November 3 with report of case findings and started reviewing disciplinary action based on these findings.

``There will be a quick and certain decision as soon as the results of the investigation comes in. Inquiring into the responsibility of the heads is a basic measure.`` said one high ranking member of the Cheong Wa Dae.

Minister Han spoke on KBS1 radio on November 3 and said, ``As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has the responsibility to protect the life and property of citizens resident abroad, we sincerely apologize to the nation`s people. We will take this incident as a lesson to learn. We will strengthen consulate operations and implement policies and find measures that will restore our citizens` trust in the government and allow them to go on with their lives without worry.``

Meanwhile, the fax from the Chinese government sent to the Shanyang consulate office which confirmed Mr. Shin`s execution has not been found and was most likely lost.