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GNP Leader Urges to Establish `Emergency Cabinet`

Posted November. 03, 2001 09:41,   


The President of the Grand National Party (GNP), Lee Hoi-Chang, said, ``The GNP`s urge for establishing an emergency cabinet is the request that President Kim Dae-Jung should concentrate on weathering the national crisis by appointing an emergency cabinet composed of respectable and capable experts from various fields.``

Lee said, in an interview with the Munhwa Ilbo, ``President Kim should appoint a neutral cabinet for the impartial management of next year`s local and presidential elections.`` He, however, did not mentioned whether or not the GNP will participate in the emergency cabinet when it is established.

He also insisted, ``The present difficult situations are mostly attributed to the fact that President Kim heads the ruling New Millennium Democratic Party (NMDP). Thus, President Kim should resign as the head of the NMDP as soon as possible.``

Regarding to the internal conflicts of the NMDP, Lee said, ``The close associates of President Kim created the political chaos and policy misgovernment by monopolizing state affairs and blocking the President from public opinion. I expect President Kim to work out countermeasures to the level of public wants.``

For the issue of North Korea’s National Defense Commission Chairman Kim Jong-Il`s reciprocal visit to Seoul, ``The government should not use the visiting for internal political purpose in the situation of next year`s elections. (If it is the case) it will not helpful to North-South Korean relationship, and will cause national chaos and ill effects.`` Lee said.