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Special Re-election Today . . . Tense Political Situation

Special Re-election Today . . . Tense Political Situation

Posted October. 25, 2001 09:19,   


The three districts of Kuro-eul and Tongdaemun, Seoul, and Kangreung, Kangwon will simultaneously hold special re-elections on October 25.

The voting begins at 6 am and ends at 6 pm in 163 voting booths. The election results will be announced around midnight.

On October 24, one day before the voting, ruling and opposition parties mobilized the leadership and continued to canvass for support and run negative advertisements, creating a dirty atmosphere.

▽ Negative ads = the Democratic Party launched an attack today by announcing, ``GNP candidate Hong Joon-Pyo was appointed as the consulting lawyer for a trust guarantee foundation and received 2.5 billion won over six years.``

The GNP also said, ``A vice chairman Mr. C in the Democratic Party sent 10, 000 won to a district voter Mr. Kim in Tongdaemun.`` raising questions about whether DP members are spreading money.

In a public inquiry sent to GNP president, Lee Hoi-Chang, the DP chose to ask, ``Since the question that the GNP raised has been found to be baseless, does it not have the responsibility to make an apology to the nation`s people?`` The GNP criticized the DP, saying, ``The Democratic Party is spreading money and running an unjust last-minute election campaign.``

▽ Last appeal for support = Spokesperson Chun Yong-Hak urged, ``The voters in the three districts must pass a severe judgment on the GNP whose unworthy candidates are running irresponsible ads and using illegal violence to corrupt the election.``

GNP spokesperson Kwon Chul-Hyon said, ``The voters in the three districts must not give up but go out and place one more vote for the GNP in order to show the true colors of the current administration.``

▽ Election Management Council plead restraint = The central election management council pleaded restraint from each party in a statement made on October 24,``Although things like bribery and involvement of private organizations that went into illegal elections in the past have almost completely disappeared. However, the mutual slandering and negative advertisements are ruining a fair election.``

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