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``Next Year`s Election Should Be Clean``

Posted October. 24, 2001 09:02,   


President Kim Dae-Jung said at the cabinet meeting on Oct. 23, ``Next year`s presidential and regional elections should be conducted most fairly and orderly, and such malpractices should not occur as in the past.`` and insisted, ``There shouldn`t be policies or conditions which may benefit the ruling party only and handicap the opposition.``

President Kim also said, ``The opposition party do the best in making the elections just by competing over policies and keeping law and order.`` and requested the cabinet members, ``The government should accomplish its duty as the fairest election manager to conduct the fairest elections in history.``

President Kim suggested five national policies to be carried out next year, which are: △ successful hosting of 2002 World Cup △ recovery of economy by boosting domestic demand △ continuation of reconciliation and cooperation between South and North Korea △ expansion of measures for middle class people and social security network △ fair management of election.

With regard to economic issues, President Kim said, according to Deputy presidential spokesperson Park Sun-Sook, ``In order to mark higher growth in next year`s economy than this year, our international competitiveness should be strengthened though reformation at all times and boosting domestic demand.`` and continued, ``Not only fiscal and financial programs but also encouraging the spirit in the field of service industry should be paid attention to for boosting domestic demand.``

Yun Seung-Mo ysmo@donga.com