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``Ilsan Presently in the Process of Major Repair``

Posted October. 15, 2001 08:55,   


Kyongki, Koyang, Ilsan New City apartments are undergoing major repair for structural flaws after only 10 years since they were built.

Around 60, 000 families moved in to Ilsan New City over a short period of time and when signs of weak and rushed construction work began to appear here and there, the residents took legal action and organized to get the repairs done.

Currently, five repair lawsuits have been brought against the Ilsan New City apartment complex. A resident won one of the cases, while in another case the residents made a settlement with the construction company and received payment for repair. The other three cases are still proceeding.

Under the present public residence maintenance law, the construction company does not have to make repairs for things like the roof and girders after a five year period. The residents found evidence of initially faulty construction and brought a suit against the construction company or the construction cooperative union.

In the case of apartment A whose residents filed a suit in May, the legal team visited the site with an professional evaluator and examined weak parking lot structures, inadequate waterproof facilities on the top of the apartment buildings and other problems that the residents raised.

Apartment C residents, who also filed a suit in May, will hear the court decision on October 19. Having found evidence indicating structural flaws from the original construction, the residents are expecting to win the case.

In Apartment B, the tiles fall off the wall, there is water leakage, and cracks on the outside walls are widening. The residents won 10 million won for repair last December from the construction cooperative union.

Kangsun Village Hwasung Apartment residents filed a suit last year for 10 million and 80000 won for repair and won the whole amount. With the help of experts, the residents found evidence which indicated △ faulty heating pipes △ incomplete insulation and other original flaws, and they received all the requested money irrelevant of the insurance period.

Ilsan New City had water leakage, cracking walls and other structural problems when it first opened. Building inspectors conducted a special inspection and several repairs followed. It has been discovered that there are many basic structural problems not only in residential apartments but in the city as a whole.

Ilsan city hall stated in its internal report, `After 10 years of development, emergency repairs on foundational structure` and calculated that repairs alone will cost 25 million won.

Apartment Corporation director of maintenance, Lee Ki-Sung noted, ``New City apartments whose structural flaws are beginning to appear only now are increasing. Building structure safety inspections and making appropriate plans are urgent.``

US Successive Anthrax Infections . . . , `Additional Airplane Terrorist Attack` Threat

Fear of more terrorist attacks is rising after Osama Bin Laden`s organization Al-Qaeda threatened to attack the US and Great Britain and successive cases of anthrax infections appeared in America.

In a statement read through its spokesperson on the news program, Al-Jajira, on the 14th, Al-Qaeda declared, ``Unless the US stops backing the Jews in Palestine and stop the sanctions against Iraq, terrorist attacks on airplanes will not stop.``threat of further terrorist attacks in the future.

On the bases of new information acquired by US and foreign intelligence agencies and jurisdiction nations, the New York Times reported on the 13th that the US warned of possible terrorist attacks against American citizens living abroad.

Fear about `anthrax terror` is on the rise after cases of infection have been reported in New York and other states. The first case was reported in an American media company located in Florida where five more employees tested positive after the initial case.

As fear of anthrax and more terrorist attacks increased, American President George W. Bush encouraged the people in radio address, saying ``I understand that many citizens are afraid. But the administration is resolute and is taking every step necessary to respond to the situation.``and requested that the people not be shaken.

The British Sunday newspaper, `The Observer` reported on the 14th that American investigators are saying that the anthrax cases in Florida and New York appears to be terrorist related and that Iraq is the `prime suspect`.

The investigator`s findings support the argument that President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein was connected to the September 11 incident which has been forwarded by pro-war elements in the US government.

The British Sunday Times reported on the 14th that followers of Bin Laden in the UK, Germany, Italy, and other European nations had planned a terrorist attack but was spurred when the Libyan leader of the group was arrested in Germany.

The Sunday Times also reported that the British investigation and intelligence organizations have acquired evidence that Bin Laden may have plans to make a low-grade nuclear bomb which can be released in a densely populated area.

Meanwhile, American forces continued its night attack on Afghanistan`s Taliban military facilities and airports. The American military continued its attack on Taliban strongholds in Kandahar on the 14th.