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Hyundai and Doosan, ``Locate Opponent`s Weak Point!``

Posted October. 11, 2001 08:57,   


While the Hyundai has been superior in the infield defense and the starting pitchers, the Doosan has shown the advantage in the powerful batting and the `backup` relief pitchers.

Whoever moves to the Korean series, the decision is likely to be made in the final of the best-of-five game series, since both playoff contenders Hyundai and Doosan have almost the same ability. Let us compare the abilities of both teams by the detailed items such as offense, defense, and base-running.

▽ Leading Hitters (Doosan Up 6 To 4)

The Doosan`s central line-up comprised of Woods, Shim Jae-Hak, and Kim Dong-Joo has more power than the Hyundai`s leading hitters such as Park Jae-Hong, Lee Soong-Yong, and Shim Jung-Soo. The Doosan`s 3rd, 4th, and 5th hitters combined 76 homers and 263 RBIs in the regular season, superior to the combination of the Hyundai trio recording 46 homers and 214 RBIs.

▽ Low-Ranking Batters (Hyundai Up 6 To 4)

Although for both teams, there is no clear distinction between high-ranking and low-ranking batters, the power of the Hyundai batters has been astoundingly formidable. Park Kyung-Wan, Quinlan and Park Jin-Man all smacked over 20 home runs from the bottom of the batting line-up in the pennant race, rather exceeding the leading hitters in the explosive power.

▽ Infield Defense (Hyundai Up 7 To 3)

The Hyundai is famous for its well-organized infield defense comprised of `a witty boy` shortstop Park Jin-Man, a third baseman Quinlan with strong shoulder and quick reaction, and a stable second baseman Park Jong-Ho. On the other hand, the Doosan have weak points in a third baseman Kim Dong-Joo in ankle injury, and a ham-fisted first baseman Woods.

▽ Outfield Defense (Doosan Up 7 To 3)

The Doosan has the nation`s best outfielders in quality such as Jang Won-Jin, Jung Soo-Keun, and Shim Jae-Hak. They have both strong shoulder and quick foot covering a wide range. For Hyundai, Shim Jung-Soo will miss the right-field defense due to the thigh injury.

▽ Starters (Hyundai Up 7 To 3)

The Hyundai possesses the stronger starters such as ace Lim Sun-Dong, lefty Ma Il-Young, Taylor and Jeon Joon-Ho. The Doosan is supposed to use Koo Ja-Woon and Cole alternately in the game one and two, and to prepare the game three with Cho Kye-Hyun, who was newly added in the playoff entry.

▽ Bullpen (Doosan Up 6 To 4)

The Doosan has determined the game with the power of bullpen in the pennant race. It will not be easy for the Hyundai to earn a run in the latter part of game, facing the Doosan`s bulwark backed up lefty Lee Hye-Cheon with 150km fast ball, veteran Cha Myung-Joo, `a man of postseason` Park Myung-Hwan, and closer Jin Pil-Joong.

▽ Base-Running (Hyundai Up 6 To 4)

While let alone `lightening bolt` Jeon Joon-Ho, there are many fast runners in the Hyundai such as Park Jae-Hong and Park Jong-Ho, the Doosan has not a fast runner besides Jung Soo-Keun.

▽ Key Players

While Kim Soo-Kyung and Quinlan can be counted on as key players for the Hyundai, the Doosan expects Cho Kye-Hyun and Hong Won-Ki to play a key role. Although Cho Kye-Hyun has shown a sign of decrepitude and Kim Soo-Kyung cannot start due to the aftereffect of elbow injury, the team is expecting a crucial contribution of both players who had started in the last year`s Korean Series. Last year`s Korean Series MVP Quinlan and this year`s semi-playoff MVP Hong Won-Ki will constitute the `core` of low-ranking batters.

Kim Sang-Soo ssoo@donga.com