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Thanksgiving Homecoming Traffic Congestion

Posted September. 30, 2001 08:56,   


The Thanksgiving homecoming trips of 30 million people began.

As people began to head toward their hometowns from yesterday afternoon, the major highways and local routes have been congested with the homecoming traffics. And the major express bus terminals, train stations, and the Kimpo Airport have been also congested with the homecoming people all day.

The Korea Highway Corporation said that 2.18 million cars used the highways throughout the country yesterday, marking 278,000 cars only in the metropolitan area.

For the downward line of Kyungbu Highway, the major junctions on a 10 km section between Jukjeon and Kiheung, and a 27 km section between Ahnsung and Chonan rest area have suffered the extreme traffic congestion. And the major highways such as Youngdong, Jungbu, Honam, and West Coast Highways also were crowded with a large volume of traffics. The cars could keep the speed of 50-60 km/h in the nation`s major local routes on 28th, but the homecoming traffics began to pile up from yesterday afternoon.

The Korea Highway Corporation forecasted that 1.35 million cars would leave Seoul during the holiday season, and the traffic congestion would continue until tonight when the exclusive bus lane system would be applied.

Meanwhile, Seoul city temporarily enforces the exclusive bus lane system for the cars boarding more than 6 persons in the sections (total 3 km) linking to the highways ▲ a both-way section between Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Banpo junction, ▲ a both-way section between Nambu bus terminal and Seocho junction, ▲ a section between Central City terminal and Jamwon junction until the midnight of Oct. 3rd.

The express bus terminals, the train stations and the airports were also bustling with the homecoming families. 46,000 travelers used the Seoul Express Bus Terminal (both Kyungbu Line and Youngdong Line), and 27,000 travelers left Seoul through the Central City Terminal (Honam Line). And Youngdeungpo, Chongryangri, Suwon stations marked 139,000 travelers.

In addition to the 122 regular trains, the Seoul Station additionally assigned the 23 temporary trains, but the seats were sold out, and only some standing tickets are available for the Kyungbu and Honam railways.

The Incheon International Airport Corporation decided to prepare the 198 temporary planes for Pusan and Cheju until Oct. 4th. The Kimpo Airport additionally runs the total of 267 planes including 24 planes for Pusan, 60 planes for Cheju and 96 planes for Kwangju from 28th, but the seats were almost sold out.

Meanwhile, the traffic was relatively light in the downtown area, but the homecoming traffics have stacked up near the Hannam Bridge-Kyungbu Highway junction, and the Banpo junction.

Cha Ji-Wan maruduk@donga.com