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Controversy over President Kim’s Statement: ``Korean War Was for Unification``

Controversy over President Kim’s Statement: ``Korean War Was for Unification``

Posted September. 30, 2001 08:53,   


Kwon Chul-Hyun, Spokesman of the Grand National Party (GNP), said on Sept 29 ``President Kim made an unacceptable statement when he spoke on Sept. 28 at the ceremony of Armed Forced Day, stating that Korean War was the third `attempt at unification` in our history, and this attempt was not successful.``

Spokesman Kwon criticized ``President`s ideology and his awareness of history as the supreme commander of all armed forces are likely subject to suspicion as he evaluated North Korea`s attack on South with an ambition to communize the whole nation to be an attempt for unification.`` and asked ``Were those soldiers an anti-unification group who sacrificed their lives at and participated in the war?``

Spokesman Kwon went on to say ``President Kim should apologize before the nation for his speech that could possibly lead to a misunderstanding, and should reveal his own opinion clearly.``

Refuting this criticism, a Cheong Wa Dae official said ``President`s speech was made to insist that any attempts at unification by force would fail, and future attempts at unification should be made peacefully.`` arguing ``the GNP must quit distorting the tenor of the whole speech by cutting off the head and tail.``

``There were in our history three attempts at unification. Unification by Shilla, and that by Koyro were successful, but the third attempt, the Korean War, was not. All three attempts were conducted by force. But now the fourth attempt at unification should never be made by force. It should be conducted peacefully.``

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